Mayfest is Coming April 28-May 1, 2016!

Please be advised that the Mayfest area of Trinity Park will be closed to the public beginning Monday, April 11, 2016 through Wednesday, May 4, 2016 for Mayfest set-up, four-day festival, and tear-down.  Please help us spread the word to all people who may possibly be affected.  This includes all trail users, cyclists, runners, park visitors, etc. The Trinity Park Looped Trail provides a detour connecting the Trinity Trail north and south ends of the closure. This ensures trail users can utilize the trails while this portion of the park is closed. We appreciate everyone's understanding while we ensure that Fort Worth's favorite family festival enjoys a successful 44th year.

Mayfest is honored to have returned over $6.9 million dollars to the Fort Worth community in support of our City's parks, Trinity River recreational development, and community projects over our 44-year history.  In 2015, Mayfest granted funds to:

  • purchase new shelters in Trinity Park
  • continue the trail etiquette and safety program for the Trinity Trails entitled Share The Trail encouraging runners, cyclists, horse riders and more the correct measures to kindly share the trails,
  • underwrite and expand the Kids in the Kitchen program in area schools promoting healthy lifestyle choices as well as the Pancake Breakfast with Cook Children’s and the All Aboard program.

Questions may be directed to the Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department at 817-392-5718 or to Mayfest at 817-332-1055.

Trail Access Map


Answers to possible questions:

  1. Every effort is made to keep as large of an area accessible as possible, and for as long as possible, while maintaining safety. Mayfest takes time to set up.  Electricity, tents, trailers, stages, fencing, vendors, etc. all must be brought into the park for the festival. Every year the least possible time is used for set up that will also ensure safety for all involved.
  2. Trinity Trail Closure - The portion of the trail between the train trestle to the north and the trail that is adjacent to the Forest Park Train station to the south is the section that will be closed during Mayfest.
  3. The Trinity Park Looped Trail detour will be clearly marked so trail users may continue to utilize the Trinity Trails in this area. 
  4. Trinity Park Area Closure – The portion of Trinity Park that will be closed is from the train trestle to the north and the area just north of the Forest Park train station to the south.  This includes the playground and pavilions.
  5. The Forest Park train schedule is not affected by Mayfest. 
  6. Runners and cyclists may continue to use all other areas of Trinity Park.
  7. The Duck Pond will be accessible. 
  8. The Fort Worth Bike Sharing stations will be accessible.
  9. The profits from Mayfest support our city parks, the Trinity River development, and various community projects every year.  Since 1973 Mayfest has given more than $6.9 million.
  10. Mayfest will celebrate its 44th anniversary this year. April 28-May 1, 2016