Mayfest appreciates your support and patience as we prepare for the upcoming festival, which spans 33 acres through Trinity Park. Below is detailed information about the closure of portions of Trinity Park and Trinity Trails. 

How long is Trinity Park closed for Mayfest?

Trinity Park will be closed for 24 days, April 18 through May 11, 2022. Mayfest uses 17 days for set-up, 4 days for the festival, and 3 days for clean-up.


What is the Mayfest set-up process?

Mayfest is held in Trinity Park where there is no permanent infrastructure. Mayfest must provide a safe environment for its 200,000 patrons who will visit during the four-day festival. In order to do so, Mayfest brings in and installs trailers, booths, portable toilets, bleachers and tents. In order to pass City of Fort Worth code inspections and ensure a safe environment, Mayfest must establish extensive electric and plumbing that will support all 100 plus vendors, 7 stages and all trailers. The set-up period also allows for the possibility of inclement weather that may cause delays and pose as a threat to the safety of those setting up the festival. Contractors and vendors are prohibited from setting up during periods of rain or other weather that may threaten their safety.


Why does closing Trinity Park include detouring part of Trinity Trails?

Safety remains the upmost concern for Mayfest. Parts of Trinity Trails are utilized during the festival for Retriever Dog demonstrations and Paddle Boat rides in the Trinity River, and therefore, must be accessible during set-up. Heavy equipment is used to set up and transfer various parts of the infrastructure. The perimeter of the trails and park are fenced to ensure the safety of trail users.


How does Mayfest benefit trail users?

Trinity Collaborative and Mayfest exist to connect people for a better river, better parks and a better community. Over its 47-year history, Mayfest has given over $7.5 million back to the community. Examples of improvements Mayfest has funded include LED lighting structures and metal shade pavilions throughout Trinity Park, Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge signage and landscaping, as well as five trail connections along the Trinity Trails.


Please direct all questions and concerns to Hello@TrinityCollab.