While we are not hosting Mayfest in person this year, we are celebrating online!



Festival FAQ
What is Mayfest?

Mayfest is Fort Worth's premier family-friendly festival! Encompassing 33 acres along the Trinity River in Trinity Park, Mayfest has a myriad of activities for the whole family in one of the best greenspaces in town. Live music, festival food, carnival rides, bounce houses, FREE children's activities, petting zoo, performing arts groups, paddleboats, rock-climbing, people-watching, art and gift market, student art contest, and so much more. Come to Mayfest - you'll have the time of your life!

When is Mayfest?

Mayfest 2022 is May 5 - 8, 2022.

Mayfest 2023 is scheduled for April 30 - May 2, 2023.

Where is Mayfest?
Where is the office located?

The Mayfest office is located in The Village at Camp Bowie:

6115 Camp Bowie Blvd, Suite 160                                                                                                    Fort Worth, Texas 76116

Our phone number is 817-332-1055.


Ticket info will be available for Mayfest 2022 at a later date


Patrons may park at one of three conveniently located parking lots and walk to the North Gate. Parking is $15 per car at Farrington Field and $12 per car at The Equestrian Center and The Yellow Lot. Cash only.

Mayfest also offers a convenient Drop-Off option. Drivers may drop of their passengers steps from the South Gate before parking at one of the three parking lots. Uber and Lyft drop-offs are also located at the Drop-and-Park for your convenience. This is the closest location for drop-offs. 

We have limited handicap parking located inside Farrington Field. To access handicap parking, enter through the Farrington Field entrance, and security will direct you where to park.

For maps and complete information, please click *HERE*.

We encourage the use of all bicycles! If you decide to ride your bike (or a "Bike Share" bike) to Mayfest, free bike parking is availble at both entrances. For more information about the "Bike Share" program, please visit www.fortworthbikesharing.org.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive updates regarding parking. Updates are made throughout the day!

How do I get parking updates?

We constantly update our patrons on parking availability using our Facebook and Twitter accounts. Make sure you follow us on:

Facebook - Mayfest Fort Worth, Texas

Twitter - @mayfestfw

What forms of payment are accepted?

Tickets for entry to the festival may be paid for by cash or credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We do not accept American Express or checks.

Once you are at Mayfest, you will want to buy coupons so you can enjoy some (or all!) of our delectable foods and partake in our carnival rides and bounce houses. We have 10 coupons booths located along the main road. These coupon booths only take cash but don't panic - we have several ATM machines located throughout the park!

What all is there to do at Mayfest?

We truly have something for everyone! We have roughly 40 bands performing on three stages over 4 days and more than 40 performing groups on four community stages. We have bounce houses, a sand pile, face painting, retriever dogs, and stilt-walkers. The Best of the Fest Food Contest is judged on Thursday afternoon, and a Student Art Contest and awards ceremony take place on Sunday at the Art Stage. We have rock-climbing, an amazing carnival and stunning attractions. Enjoy an ice-cold beverage and listen to the music on the Hiley Buick GMC Oasis Stage. Catch some great breezes off the Trinity River as you walk along the Trinity Trails. Stroll through the Art and Gift Market where more than 60 vendors from around the nation bring in everything from clothing and furniture to home goods and art. This is a great place to look for a Mother's Day, Graduation, Father's Day, or graduation gifts. Enjoy amazing views of the river and downtown from the Ferris Wheel. No matter what kind adventure you seek, you'll find lots of fun at Mayfest!

Is there a schedule of bands and other performers?

YES! Click Here for our full Festival Guide Online

When you get to Mayfest, make sure you pick up a Printed Festival Guide which will also list all stage performances by day and stage.

Can I bring in my dog, cat, or other pet?

While we have pet adoptions all weekend in the Zone Area, please keep your personal pets at home. This includes (but is not limited to) cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, hamsters, birds, lions, giraffes, and cheetahs. You may see dogs from dog shows and the Humane Society around the festival.

Only ADA certified service animals are allowed and must be on a leash/harness.

How much are the rides?

Mayfest contracts with several vendors that provide the rides for the weekend. The ride prices are determined by the vendors that bring them in and vary from ride to ride. Historically, they have ranged from 6 to 20 coupons.

Can I bring a stroller?

Absolutely! It's hard work walking all over Trinity Park even for us grown-ups. And let's be real - tired kids tend to whine so keep everyone happy and bring that stroller! Formula and baby food are also acceptable.

Click *HERE* for a complete list of allowed and prohibited items.

Allowed and prohibited items


  • Handbags (all bags are subject to be searched by law enforcement)                     
  • Backpacks  (all bags are subject to be searched by law enforcement)           
  • Strollers, wagons and wheelchairs                                
  • Cameras  
  • ADA-Certified Service dogs (must be licensed and on leash/harness)
    • Any dog exhibiting agrgressive behavior must be removed immediately from Mayfest.                                      


  • Handguns (No Open Carry. No concealed carry.)
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia
  • Coolers of any kind (except for medical use)
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Skateboards, scooters, bikes, hoverboards or Segways. If you ride your bike to Mayfest, free bike rack parking is available at the south entrance gate.
  • Unauthorized materials including flyers, stickers, samples, etc.
  • Unauthorized amplifiers, megaphones, bull horns, radio, musical instruments or any sound enhancing device
  • Unmanned aircrafts, drones, remote control planes
  • Spray paint
  • No smoking unless is designated areas
  • Pets of ANY kind, including but not limited to dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, hamsters, birds, etc. Only ADA certified service animals are allowed and must be on leash / harness.

You cannot fly or operate any unmanned aircraft, remote control plane or anything of this sort at Mayfest.

Food and Beverage

Texans LOVE food and Mayfest is no different! We have more than 15 food vendors in three food courts located along the main road in Trinity Park. From turkey legs and corn dogs to gyros and ice cream, we have something for every appetite. 

We have Coke and Beer/Wine booths throughout the festival in addition to tea, lemonade, and Coke products sold by our food vendors. We also have a Craft Beer Garden where you can enjoy craft beers from local breweries while listening to the music on the Hiley Buick GMC Oasis Stage. NEW to Mayfest! We are excited to showcase The Vineyard, where patrons can enjoy a wide variety of wine in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Lost and Found

Our Lost & Found Area is meant for both lost children and lost items. It is centrally located in the Oasis Area.

The safety and security of our patrons is the most important issue for us. If you are separated from your child, our volunteers and police will communicate with each other until your child is found and you are reunited. 

If you have lost an item, make your way to our Lost & Found Area in The Oasis. 

Found an item? Take it over to our Lost & Found and turn it in. 

Safety and Security

The safety and security of our Mayfest patrons is the most important issue to us. The City of Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Police Department, the Fort Worth Fire Department, and Texas Health Fort Worth all participate in the safety and security of our patrons and make us the most prepared festival in North Texas.

Fort Worth police officers are located throughout the festival grounds.

Texas Health Fort Worth sets up a large tent complete with beds, water, blood sugar regulators, privacy areas for breast feeding mothers, and all medical tools neccessary to treat minor problems. An ambulance is standing by if a transport is needed.

The Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management meets with Mayfest throughout the year to develop an efficient plan to keep all patrons safe. Our team of experts plans, reviews, and re-reviews all protocol with the authorities involved to ensure proper knowledge by everyone. The safety of our patrons is not an issue we take lightly. 

What is the difference between tickets and coupons?

Everyone must have a ticket to enter festival grounds. 

Coupons are needed to purchase food, beverages, and to enjoy the rides. Coupon booths are located throughout the festival. You seriously can't miss them!

Art and Gift Market vendors are the only vendors that accept cash and credit cards. They do not accept coupons as payment for their goods.

All activities in the Children's Area are free!

Baby Changing and Nursing Station

The baby changing area is located in an air-conditioned trailer within the Children's Area. 

The nursing station for breastfeeding is conveniently located in First Aid within the Oasis Area. 

Mayfest is an annual four-day family festival held on 33 picturesque acres in Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas. 200,000 people attend Mayfest each year to experience the many different attractions and areas. From young to old, Mayfest includes something for everyone and entertains the entire family.

With three dedicated music stages playing over 70 hours of live music, everyone will definitely be entertained - no matter what their taste in music might be! Pop, Rock, Country, Jazz, Texas Country, Bluegrass, Cover bands, and more are heard throughout the festival grounds. If you love music, you'll love Mayfest!

Mayfest is produced by Trinity Collaborative, Inc., a 501(c) non-profit organization. The mission of Trinity Collaborative, Inc. is to raise and contribute funds to enhance the Trinity River, surrounding parks and community programs. Trinity Collaborative, Inc. has given more than $7.5 million to the Fort Worth community since 1973.

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