The Student Art Contest - Having one of the best cultural districts in the nation, Fort Worth is home to many artists and budding artists! Students from area schools are encouraged to submit their favorite creations to be judged by local professional artists. With the opportunity to win up to $75, over 200 students annually submit their works for the contest which is underwritten by The 5th Avenue Fondation. Creations must be submitted through art teachers at area schools. If your child is a talented artist, make sure you contact your school art teacher about submitting. 


The "Best of the Fest" Food Vendor Contest – Started in 2014, The Food Vendor Contest has become not only an instant fan-favorite, but also a vendor-favorite too! Local chefs and celebrities come together on Thursday afternoon to sample and judge concoctions from our food vendors, many of which are local eateries and long-time Mayfest vendors. Submitting dishes for various categories, our food vendors eagerly await the results, which are proudly displayed on the front each of the winners’ booths. If you’d like to judge the entries yourself, pick up the Mayfest “Food-Crawl” Map and taste where your stomach leads you!