Trinity Collaborative, Inc. exists to connect people for a better river,

better parks and a better community.



What started as celebration on the banks of the Trinity River has turned into a Fort Worth commodity that benefits the community year-round. In 1973, the first Mayfest festival was a celebration of the hard work and dedication that went into revitalizing and transforming the Trinity River and surrounding parks into beautiful community assets. The event was coordinated by committee members from the Junior League of Fort Worth, Streams and Valleys, the City of Fort Worth and the Tarrant Regional Water District. The success of the inaugural event has been repeated every year since.

Mayfest, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1987. The mission of Mayfest, Inc. was established to raise and contribute funds for the Trinity River, surrounding parks and community programs. The mission was accomplished solely through the production of the Mayfest festival. 

In 2019, Mayfest, Inc. completed a strategic plan with a goal to develop a thoughtful and deliberate strategy to generate new avenues of support for our organization, community impact and partner agencies. To that end, the new name Trinity Collaborative, Inc. was adopted. This rebranding strategy reflected the expansive operations of the organization to produce other events and programs in addition to the annual Mayfest festival. 

Trinity Collaborative will connect people to our parks, the river and each other through events and programs that reflect the established key pillars: Partnerships, Education, Community and Special Events.

Trinity Collaborative strives to support and further the work of our founding organizations in the community. We foster awareness of and engagement in our parks and river through education, volunteer alliances and special programming. Trinity Collaborative cultivates a sense of ownership and belonging to our parks and river through efforts that bring people together in a unique and inclusive way. 


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Iris Bruton, Executive Director


Teri McGuill, President
Walker Turney, Vice President
Kat Hopkins, Treasurer
Katie Briggs, Secretary


Darrell Beason

Katie Briggs

Janet Bubert

Jared Fuller

Robin Greenhaw

Jennifer Harnish

Randle Harwood

Kat Hopkins


Natalie Martin

Carolann Morris

Nestor Martinez

Teri McGuill

Stacey Pierce

Walker Turney

Sarah Washington

Richard Zavala


Larry Anfin      Debbie Boudreaux     Dan Buhman    Harriet Harral      Joy Ann Havran    

Madeleine Miller     Bob Riley      Kathy Saunders      Bart Tucker    Matt Tucker


The proceeds generated by Trinity Collaborative, Inc. are used to provide grants to our three of our founding organizations further enhancing the quality of life for North Texans. Tarrant Regional Water District is a founding partner who graciously gives their portion of the grant distribution back to our other three partners. In the history of Trinity Collaborative, Inc., more than $7,500,000 has been given back to the community!

Streams & Valleys, Inc.

Streams & Valleys, Inc. has been awarded funds over the years for several projects that have benefitted the trail systems throughout Fort Worth, including:

  • Share the Trail Signage
  • Share the Trail Ambassador Team
  • Production and Installation of The Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge signage
  • Landscaping, safety and parking elements around The Phyllis J. Tilley Memorial Pedestrian Bridge
  • Confluences Meeting




The City of Fort Worth Park and Recreation Department

PARD has received grants for improvements throughout Trinity Park and within their organization, including:

  • Metal pavilion structures in Trinity Park
  • Trinity Park Existing Site Conditions Plan
  • Port-a-let Enclosures
  • Community Center Sound System
  • Archiving System


Junior League of Fort Worth, Inc.

The Junior League of Fort Worth has been awarded grants for several programs that benefit children throughout the community, as well as leadership programs, including:

  • Kids in the Kitchen and Healthy Heroes
  • Junior MINTS 
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • All Aboard